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14/22 INCHES

ICAP 14/12A system has been developed for the automotive market with high performances in terms of productivity, yield and quality in a wide range of product sizes.

14/22 Automatic Assembling
[ 12 sec ]

Range 14-22
Cycle time 12 sec
Rim + Tyre Centering and Soaping
Rim step conveyor
2 robot + 1 front pusher
  • Seguencing *
  • Tyre Warm-Up
  • Assembling 8 sec
  • Lateral Pusher
  • Load Cell on tool
  • TPMS Protection Soaping
*available only if Extended Range is selected

14/22 Inflating
[ Range 6 inches ]

Range 16-21
Pressure up to 4 bar
Wheel centering
Inflating bell with 3 selectable rings
Inflating on carpet
1 air tank
Protection cabin
  • Extended range 12 inches

14/22 Matching

HR Vision System
Accuracy +/-5 mm
Yellow/Red dots
Closed cabin

14/22 Balancing [ Manual Weights ]

Robot wheel handling
Automatic unbalance measuring
Manual weight application
Residual unbalance check
Accuracy +/- 1g
  • Automatic Weight Application

14/22 Palletizing [ On Turntable ]

2 or 3 positions turntable
Pallet or Metallic Rack
1 Robot
Programmable palletizing

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